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Jan 6, 2012

Textured Painting

First, let me say that I can barely draw a stick figure!! People always seem to assume if you are a crafty person that you are also an artist...let me be the first to tell you, this is not always the case.  But this project is perfect for all artist skill levels.
Let's start with the supplies you'll need:

·         Paint brushes
·         Paint (I used Americana, $0.99 a bottle at Hobby Lobby)
·         Plastic spoon
·         Modeling Paste (found in the art supplies section at Hobby Lobby...it's near canvas, oil paints, etc.)
·         Stretched canvas (I used 16x20)
·         Stencil (if you're not a Picaso
Open your modeling paste & a spoonful of it on your canvas.  Use the spoon to spread it around.  Remember, it's suppose to be textured.  So just keep working with it until you like the look of it.  Use the bottom of the spoon to distribute it around, and use the side of the spoon to make indentations.  This stuff takes quite a while to dry, so don't panic.  You'll have plenty of time to work it around on your canvas.

Let your canvas dry over night. 
I free handed a twig tree onto my canvas & then used a bird stencil on the branches.  I found it easiest to take a pencil & trace the stencil onto the canvas first.  Using the tracing as a template, I then painted it in. 

And there you have it! Now if you have some artistic ability, the possibilities of your paintings are endless...but for those "imparied" artists like myself, take comfort in knowing that the craft stores have quite a few stencils for us to choose from ;) You can always download clipart & print your own stencil as well!

My bathroom is done in black, beige & white with a theme of sparrows, so here's where I used my painting:

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